Growing Naturally (with help from Artstarts)

ArtStarts is a society that creates Relationships between Artists and Educational Institutions by bringing them together in the form of workshops, exhibitions and performances.  ArtStarts has been enriching lives for 20 years. And would like to for the next 20 years.  Mr. Weir is proud to be a part of this society.


Growing Naturally

This is a lyric video we are using to learn a new song we wrote with Michael Atkinson’s Division 10 and Starla Bob (Kushi Opi Mani Wi). Soon the students voices will replace mine and we will publish a full video.

I Am a Salmon Fry

This is a demo video using footage grabbed from uncopyrighted Youtube posts. I hope to film my own video with students of Queen Mary Elementary with help from an Artstarts grant. The audio is also in demo form. The recording of the children’s voices was very hastily done. New tracks and mixing with less prominent instruments will come with the final video.

Canada 150

I said to the  class, “Canada is 150 years old”. One child raised his hand and said, “That doesn’t sound right. There’s gotta be more. What about the First Nations? What about the Dinosaurs?” Another precocious 8 year old said, “Well, politically…”  Then we wrote this song.

20 other Canada 150 songs can be found on the Lieutenant Governor’s   “Sing Me A Song” site.

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