Canada 150

I said to the  class, “Canada is 150 years old”. One child raised his hand and said, “That doesn’t sound right. There’s gotta be more. What about the First Nations? What about the Dinosaurs?” Another precocious 8 year old said, “Well, politically…”  Then we wrote this song.

20 other Canada 150 songs can be found on the Lieutenant Governor’s   “Sing Me A Song” site.

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These Are The Animals The First People Know

The kindergarten class was about to make a school assembly presentation on First Nations Art and Spirit. With help from Charles Silverfox I wrote this song. There are a lot of words but the kindergarten children had no trouble memorizing.
Here, we were invited to perform for the opening of the First Peoples Festival at the Museum of Anthropology. These lyrics have been changed since this performance to add the present tense.  First Nations spirit and culture is alive and growing today.